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Bougainville - Papua New Guinea

Bakavari Travel would like to present the "Tautsina Island Surf Bungalows". Guests can take advantage of the easy access to numerous offshore reefs and small islands via daily boat transfers which leave from Tautsina every morning.

This island retreat will satisfy the needs of all types of adventure travelers and their families.

Projected Opening Date: November 1st 2016.


The Tautsina Island Surf Bungalows are located next to Pok Pok (Bakawari) Island. Pok Pok Island lyes just off the coast of Kieta Town, Bougainville Island (Autonomous), Papua New Guinea.


Coming Soon

Double Occupany Beachside Bungalows

Projected Opening Date: November 1st 2016.




Guests at Tautsina will have access (free of charge) to locally made 2 person dugout canoes with outriggers . This will allow surfers the opportunity to paddle canoes out to the reef pass (Baritaka) without spending money on boat transfers.

  • Surfing
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Trekking
  • Panguna Mine Tours
  • ˆ


    Bougainville does get year round surf. Baritaka can have waves every day and the other side of Bougainville picks up south swell (year round) but the waves near Tautsina break on North and East swells (Sept. - May). Best months being Nov - Feb. Multi-day island wide surf trips by car can be arranged.

    consistent outer reef pass left, gets heavy when big, 5 minutes from Tautsina by boat

    powerful left reef breaking around a small island, 15 minutes from Tautsina by boat

    left reef point breaking on the mainland, fun wave with 3 sections, 30 minutes by boat, car access possible also

    Boat transfers cost extra. This is a per trip cost not per person. The more people in the boat the less it will cost per person.



    100 Kina
    ($35 US Dollars)
    ($45 Australian Dollars)

    per person, per night

    • Lodging Only
    175 Kina
    ($60 US Dollars)
    ($75 Australian Dollars)

    per person, per night

    • Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
    • Lodging


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    Geoff McAndrews
    925.890.1982 (USA phone #)

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